South Jap Society car meet



Fuel Coffee House – Golding Barn Garage

The Lowdown:

After the success of the German Specific Car Meet, Fuel Coffee House this time welcomed the South Jap Society Car Club for a gathering of modified and standard Japanese performance cars which included the lowest car we have had visit Fuel to date. There was a great turnout, helped by the weather, it was a scorcher (too hot for gingers like myself who even get burnt by the moon you know)

Amongst the gathering was a fine trio of modified Nisan 350z’s, check out the photos of the (non air bagged) black one sitting on the deck below, if anyone questions whether their car is too low to get over the speed bumps here at Fuel then check this car out! My personal favourite car of the day was a very rare, spotless, Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi Evo, i know this gets banded around a lot but you really could eat your dinner off of this car and the underside was just as spotless.

All in all a great meet and a great day, nice to meet you all, it was a pleasure having you guys here.