Abarth Owners Club Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire Meet



Fuel Coffee House – Golding Barn Garage

The Lowdown:

Another weekend another car meet at Fuel! This time it was the turn of the Abarth Owners Club Sussex, Surry and Hampshire to host a Saturday afternoon meet at Fuel Coffee House. There was a fine selection of pocket rockets on display all arriving to the sound of pops and turbo whistle.


John the organiser was very please with the turn out with 15 Abarths, 1 Fiat 500 and a rogue Mini making the trip over to Fuel Coffee House with some traveling as far as Essex to get here. My personal favorite was not a car this time but actually a gear shifter, if you like engineered parts as much as i do then take a ganders below at the short throw gear shifter, it’s a work of art! 


And so to the AOCSSH, it was great to meet you all, thanks for making it a really chilled out meet, hope you all enjoyed it, see you all next time.