Fuel Coffee House

Custom Car Meet



Fuel Coffee House – Golding Barn Garage

The Lowdown:

Throughout the off season we will be hosting our own meets most Sundays from 9am – 12pm outside Fuel Coffee House. We have many different themes already planned out for the run up to Christmas so check out the events calendar here to see what we have planned. 


We Kicked it off last Sunday with a custom car meet and there was a great mix bag of cars on show. There was truly something for everyone, from a very rare Excalibur based on a Studebaker chassis, through to a very clean Split Screen Camper van. We also had a number of slammed high performance Japanese cars on show including a very nice Nissan Silvia. 


Thanks to all who came down to our first winter meet, i saw loads of new faces which was great to see and thanks to all our regulars for your continued support. Next up, this Sunday from 9am – 12pm is our American meet, who is coming down?!